Amazing couples: Victoria and Albert


Victoria became Queen at age 18, in 1838, and married Albert at age 20.
He became not only her “Prince Consort” but also an important political adviser.
To her eldest daughter she wrote in June, 9th, 1958:
“I can never believe or admit that any other human being has been blessed by fate as I was, with such a man, such a perfect man. Dad was everything to me, still is today. [...] He was everything to me, my father, my protector, my guide, my counselor in all things, I would almost say he was my mother and husband at the same time. [...] I am paralyzed when he is not with me.” (quoted and roughly translated from Herbert Tingsten: Königin Viktoria und ihre Zeit. Diederichs, München 1997)
When Albert died in 1861, Victoria went into deep mourning and wore black for the rest of her life. She did not appear in public for the following years.

What amazes us is that their relationship was surely far beyond any royal standards and dynastical or political considerations.